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What A Tool

I haven’t been writing lately because I’ve been highly distracted. You see, since my last heartbreak I went on the cliché, “no man’s woman” mode. I was going to be a single soul destined to travel the world, no romance. Clear mind & closed legs.

Then this lunatic waltzes in.

He must be insane, because I’m insane & he seems okay with that. He brought not just sexy back. There’s chivalry, intolerable amounts of giggling, “How’s your day?” texts…all of that silly shit.

What a freaking creep.

Above all, he does this thing where he snakes his way into my daily thoughts. For Christ’s sake I’ll be eating yogurt thinking about what his bedsheets look like. He went Berlin on my wall. Not to mention, the little missy down there is acting like old faithful with every smile he makes.

Not to sound crude, I have no other way to describe this.

So here I am, rooted to the spot by this sudden Romeo. I should be planning my trip to Barcelona and preparing for several one night stands with men named Matías & Santiago. However I’m here, suddenly airy & scared. He’s raping my mind.

I think the best solution is to kick him in the face.


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