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Welcome Back To the 19th Century

IMG_20161105_090034.jpgI have always taken the automatic Everything the US provides, for granted. Having to load the dryer after lying about waiting for the washer to finish it’s duties, was abhorrent. The drive to the dry cleaners never happened. I wouldn’t bother buying clothes that has so much maintenance. When the tags read “Hand Wash Only,” I used the gentle cycle.

So imagine my first laundry day in the ever humble Philippines.

We have tubs. Large plastic containers that you place your clothes in. You personally fill the tub with water, sprinkle in you preferred detergent, then use your hands to wash them.

The clothes.

You squish, rub, cry and repeat.

Now I won’t say there isn’t a postive side to this. I feel I have built a more personal realtionship with each article of clothing. I run my fingers along ripped seams and faded logos of my t-shirts, reminiscing on the days I wore them. You’ll find me giggling maniacally or suddenly somber with each panty I scrub. My socks will never again be mismatched, for how could I tear away a partnership so strong?

Handwashing my clothes has built up a passion within me that has laid dormant for years. My maternal senses are tingling.

Please, if you have the chance, Handwash. Do away with automatic!! Get rid of your washer.

Here’s an address you can dispose of it at:

090 E. Celestino St

Guyong, Bul, Philippines 3022


10 thoughts on “Welcome Back To the 19th Century

  1. Can you imagine our ancestors hand sewing, hand washing, and line drying??!! Its amazing to think how easy we can have it. Just push a button and walk away. Now you put dishes in with your clothes and you will be doing just fine. πŸ™‚

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  2. Had to summon up a lot of courage to wash those jeans and sheets, didn’t you?
    Or you could buy new clothes everyday. Use and throw. No need to wash, ever.
    Until then scrub, scrub, scrub away gently down your clothes.

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